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Workplace injuries or deaths can be considered especially horrendous if you don’t work in the type of capacity where your job duties are considered dangerous. Think about it: People such as firefighters, law enforcement, and airline pilots might have face certain level of risk as far as work-related injuries in conjunction with the dangerous types of jobs that they do. Even people who work in such professions as banking, dog grooming, or real estate agents may have some level of concern about the danger they could potentially face while on the job.

But what if you’re a substitute elementary school teacher, a court stenographer, or a wedding photographer? Do you have reason to be concerned about your job’s safety? The sad fact is that all jobs have the potential for injury and/or death. Don’t believe us? Just look at the Newton, Connecticut mass shooting that took the life of the substitute teacher, the number of court stenographers (as well as more than 100 other courthouse employees, some of whom suffered permanent – and some fatal – inflammatory lung condition) who were affected by the massive amounts of mold in the Polk County Courthouse in the early 90s, or the Italian wedding photographer who recently was accidentally shot and killed by the bride and groom who were posing with hunting rifles used as props.

Luckily, victims of work-related injuries or deaths may qualify for assistance through their employer’s Worker’s Compensation insurance.

What types of injuries does Workers’ Compensation cover?

Typically, Workers’ Compensation claims vary from state to state, from person to person, and from employer to employer. Some of the most common injuries covered by Workers’ Compensation include:

Workers’ Compensation is tailored to assist the individual needs of the injured employee. Depending on the type and severity of your injury, your recovery time, the level of permanent disability you sustained, etc., you may be eligible for Medical Benefits, Temporary Disability Benefits, Permanent Partial Disability, Permanent Total Disability, Rehabilitation Benefits, Death Benefits.

If you or a family member was injured (or of your loved one died) as the result of a Workers’ Compensation injury, you can’t go up against your employer alone, but an experienced attorney can.

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