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The term “nursing home injury” refers to both abuse and neglect to the resident of a nursing home, senior living facility, retirement home, old age home, assisted living facility, convalescent home, rest home, etc.

With the number of elderly living in Florida, the question of what to look for in a good nursing facility arises quite often. Unfortunately, too often the question comes after an incident has already happened. Remember, whether it’s one of your parents or your spouse, it’s critical for you (and other family members) to stay actively involved and vigilant to ensure their loved one receives the best possible nursing home care.

First of all, before you sign anything to admit your loved one into a nursing home, you need to tour the facility. There are federal regulations in place, which are overseen by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and that require skilled nursing facilities provide the following to all residents:

These regulations also require nursing facilities to provide a “safe, clean, comfortable and homelike environment.” In other words, the goal is for these facilities to feel less institutional and more home-like, so residents can bring items and personal effects with them to help create a meaningful and personalized living space.

Beyond the above, there are other things you want to look for on your tour of the facility:

Nursing Home Neglect:

Neglect in nursing facilities is considered to be one of the most common forms of abuse. Yes, neglect is abusive, and is a serious charge. When a person fails to receive the appropriate level of care they require, this is considered to be neglect. Oftentimes in care facilities, neglect includes failure to assist with or provide hygiene. When residents are incapable of performing such tasks as bathing, dressing, washing and brushing their own hair, clipping their own fingernails and toenails, wiping themselves after using the restroom, brushing and flossing their own teeth, cleaning their glasses, and removing, cleaning, and reinserting their dentures, their physical health can deteriorate, and they lose their dignity which causes their self-esteem to plummet and often causes depression to set in. Furthermore, dental cavities, a mass of tangled hair, uncleaned private areas after restroom use, or dirty eye glasses can cause initial discomfort to exacerbate into intense physical pain.

Nursing Home Abuse:

Besides neglect in nursing facilities (which is also considered to be a form of abuse), other types of abuse common to nursing homes can be physical abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse or exploitation. Nursing Home Abuse may be in the form of:

If you or a family member was injured (or of your loved one died) due to a nursing home injury, you can’t go up against the negligent party alone, but an experienced attorney can.

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