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We have a lot of fun during the making of our commercials.  In each commercial, we have a 1960s set with a vintage feel, as well as a current set.  We have a set designer who shops for only authentic toys and set dressing.  We have a costume engineer who selects retro fabrics and sews period clothing for our actors and actresses to transport them back four decades.  And we have a producer with an artistic eye for vintage detail.

Our actors, actresses, and film crew are also the best.  David, who plays “Little Dean” does an outstanding job of living forty years before his time.  And Dean Burnetti is present and personally involved at the shooting of each commercial.

Below are some of the outtakes where we’ve filmed…


At the Historic Bartow Courthouse

Dean Burnetti walking toward courthouseDean Burnetti walks toward the Old Bartow Courthouse. You can hardly tell it was close to one hundred degrees that day.






Dean Burnetti walks toward courthouseJoe films Dean walking toward the Old Bartow Courthouse. It took nearly 20 takes to get “just the right” shot.






dean burnetti and tim coleman in courtDean Burnetti and Tim Coleman decide who will give closing arguments in one of our commercials.






judge playing on cellphoneOur “judge”, Bill Peeler of the Peeler Group International, plays with his cellphone during a break in filming.






Dean Burnetti speaks to a mock juryDean Burnetti gives an entertaining closing argument to our mock jury.






filming dean burnetti speaking to a mock juryJoe Marolis of Elegant Entertainment films Dean Burnetti interacting with our mock jury.






judge playing on cellphoneBill Peeler of the Peeler Group International takes a break from filming.






mock jury making silly facesDean Burnetti joins our mock jury to make some silly faces during a filming break.






tim coleman on his cellphone

Attorney Tim Coleman takes a break from filming and plays on his cellphone. Is it that intense, Tim?









dean burnetti poses with a friend

Josh Davidson, the composer who writes and plays all of our commercial music, poses with Dean Burnetti.









Inside the Audio Recording Studio

Dean Burnetti and audio engineerOur commercial audio engineer, Jeremy Carrera (left), poses with Dean Burnetti.






audio engineer at workDean Burnetti sits in while our audio engineer, Jeremy Carrera (left) records Truman McGill doing our commercial voiceover tags.





Dean Burnetti records radio commercialDean Burnetti always has fun when he records his radio commercials.






Outside Dean’s House

Dean Burnetti helps push a boy on a bikeDean Burnetti helps our “stunt double” get started riding the 1962 Stingray bike featured in our third commercial.






Dean Burnetti rides a Stingray bikeDean Burnetti takes a turn riding the Stingray and jumping the ramp. Go, Dean!






Boy rides 1962 Stingray bike up a rampWe kept our “stunt double” safe by fastening him to the ramp during the filming of our third commercial.









Dean Burnetti fastens boy's capeDean Burnetti helps fasten our “stunt double’s” cape during the filming of our third commercial.









boy jumping bike rampDean Burnetti uses a blower to blow “Little Dean’s” cape to give the illusion of speed during filming.






boy jumping bike ramp for commercialSafety first! When “Little Dean” jumps the bike ramp, Tim catches the boy while Dusty catches the bike.






dean burnetti kisses his wifeDean Burnetti kisses his wife, Patti, for one of our commercials. They had fun doing several takes.









little boy pushes girl on red wagon“Little Dean” pushes his sister in a little red wagon. Wheee!








dean burnetti ans his family on ThanksgivingDean Burnetti enjoys Thanksgiving with his wife, Patti, his (real) sisters, Sharon and Brenda, and their husbands.






dean burnetti with veterans day memory wallDean Burnetti poses in front of our military heroes memory wall used in our Veterans Day commercial.






vintage thanksgiving“Little Dean” has an old fashioned Thanksgiving with “Mom,” “Dad,” and his two sisters. (Those are his real sisters, by the way.)






dean and patti burnetti with Christmas treeDean and Patti Burnetti, read from The Bible at Christmas.







military memory wallOur memory wall features vintage uniforms from WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.






Dean Burnetti and friend pose with memory wallDean Burnetti and our friend and actress, Milly, pose in front of Milly’s late husband’s uniform.






Fun with Milly

dean burnetti reads The Bible to a friend

Dean Burnetti reads The Bible to Milly, our 91 year young friend and actress. (Milly really doesn’t need a wheelchair.)






Dean Burnetti reads The Bible to a friendDean Burnetti reads The Bible to Milly, our lovely 91 year young friend and actress.






dean burnetti and friend pose for cameraDean Burnetti and Milly pose for the camera.









Back to 1963

1960s boy reads to mom

“Little Dean” reads a cowboy book to “Mom”.







1960s boy draws on chalkboard“Little Dean” shows off his drawing. He’s already getting ready for drawing accident scenes in court.









little boy and dean burnetti show off artwork“Little Dean” shows off his drawing. He’s already getting ready for drawing accident scenes in court.









Cameraman wearing an apron

Joe Marolis (from Elegant Entertainment) tries on an apron from the vintage set.









vintage 1960s boy's bedroomThe 1960s bedroom set used in our commercials features authentic toys, furniture, and set dressing.






Mom fastens a little boy's cape“Mom” fastens “Little Dean’s” cape that was just sewn in our first commercial.






1960s boy tries on cape and mask“Little Dean” looks in the mirror while he tries on his cape and mask. He was tickled to see what he looked like as a 60s kid.









1960s mom reads to her son“Little Dean” and “Mom” read The Bible before bed in one of our commercials. (He wanted to keep the cowboy pajamas!)









1960s boy saying bedtime prayers“Little Dean” says his bedtime prayers in one of our commercials, and the lamp on the floor adds just the right ambiance.






1960s boy takes a napAfter a long day of filming, “Little Dean’s” acting nap looks a lot like the real thing!






little boy dressed in man's clothing

“Little Dean” dresses in Dean Burnetti’s shirt, shoes, and tie. Isn’t he the cutest?









Mom reading to little boy in 1960s

“Mom” reads The Bible to “Little Dean” before bed in one of our commercials.









1960s boy gives speech to his toys“Little Dean” practices public speaking to his audience of stuffed animals.






cameraman filming little boy speaking to his stuffed animalsJoe Marolis of Elegant Entertainment films “Little Dean’s” premiere public speaking engagement.






1960s boy writes on chalkboard“Little Dean” writes on his chalkboard for one of our commercials.







Mom and son hug on vintage set with sewing machine“Little Dean” and “Mom” smile during the filming of our first commercial where Mom makes Little Dean’s cape.